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Quest MCT Oil Powder


Quest Nutrition MCT Oil Powder 16oz

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils are rich in a type of fatty acid that is more easily digested than other fatty acids. The body burns MCTs immediately, which provides a quick energy boost since they're not converted to and stored as fat. These fatty acids can be found in a number of foods, but the richest sources by far are coconut and palm oil.

MCT oil is interesting for a number of obvious reasons. They provide a quick source of energy for workouts and athletic performance, and they're a good dietary substitute for other types of fats. But MCTs also have a wide range of established medical uses. They're used for nutritional support by people who have trouble digesting more complex fats, as well as for celiac, liver, and gallbladder disease.1

Directions: Add the clean energy of MCT oil to any shake or baked treat for a creamy, easy-to-digest boost of fatty acids.

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